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    Standard Ac milan - b-hold

    For sæsonen 2018/2019 vil b-hold være en mulighed og rygterne går på at vi vil tage imod det tilbud.

    Følgende artikel beskriver hvordan holdet om muligt vil se ud:

    “Teams in Serie C: what is the situation of Milan?

    The FIGC is focusing on the growth of the 'second teams' to give more space to young Italian talents: this is from what elements Milan B would be composed

    A project that is as ambitious as it should be: bringing Italian football back to the top of world football. After the elimination from the World Cup (which has not been held for 60 years), the new FIGC management framework focuses on a cornerstone: managing and monitoring the growth of young talents in their own homes. And so, for about a month, the Extraordinary Commissioner Roberto Fabbricini and the subcommissary Alessandro Costacurta have proposed the project to include the 'B teams' of the big Serie A clubs in Serie C, starting next year, 2018- 2019.

    What are the selection criteria? One place is reserved for a 'team B', another is reserved for a team 'fallen' from Serie C (able to register for the new professional championship) and another reserved for the team rescued by Serie D.

    Which clubs can register B teams in Lega Pro? A ranking is drawn up based on three criteria. Greater weight (40%) is reserved for those teams that hold the highest number of young players in the Italian national team (from Under 15 to Under 21), called for international matches between 2015 and 2018. The main constraint would be only one : the players born from 1997 onwards can participate, then considered Under 21 from the 2018/19 season. Returning to the other two criteria: 30% is based on the position in the standings obtained in the last championship (Milan placed sixth in 2017/2018); and the remaining 30% on the average number of spectators at the stadium in the last 5 seasons (from 2012/13 to 2016/17).

    What is the situation of Milan? Starting from this year's players summoned in the National team would certainly find space: the goalkeeper Alessandro Plizzari (on loan to Ternana) of which we speak a great good - some label him as the suspect number one to replace Gigio Donnarumma between the posts. The central defender Marco Iudica (on loan to the Grumellese in Serie D) and left-back Gian Filippo Felicioli (on loan to Verona) are added to the others taken by the youth rossonere: the central defenders Matteo Gabbia and Gabriele Bellodi, the fullback Raoul Bellanova and Alberto Barazzetta (on the right), Andres Llamas and Axel Campeol (on the left). In median space to Emanuele Torrasi and Mattia El Hilali (captain of Milan Primavera); and the central points Lorenzo Colombo and Riccardo Forte. Among the 'big' could find names like that of the midfielder Hachim Mastour, born in '98, and midfielder José Mauri, as possible out of quota.

    The possible formation of a 'Milan B' could therefore be this, deployed in a 4-3-1-2: Plizzari; Bellanova, Cage, Iudica, Felicioli; Torrasi, El Hilali, José Mauri; Mastour; Colombo, Forte.”
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    Ligeledes er endnu en artikel fra omkring b-holdene:

    "Teams in Serie C: the FIGC project risks the flop?
    There is a risk that a few B teams will join the Serie C championship: Juventus on pole; Milan, Rome and Inter are waiting; the others are not there ...

    There has been a lot of talk about reforming Italian football after failing to qualify for the World Cup in Russia. The Commissioner of the FIGC, Roberto Fabbricini, and the sub-Commissioner, Alessandro Costacurta, have put together a plan to grow young Italian talent in our championships, assuming the composition of the 'B teams' to be included in the next Serie C championships. project, which should start as early as next season, now seems to find some obstacle.

    The main Serie A clubs immediately showed themselves to be in favor of the project: as reported by the newspaper 'La Repubblica', Juventus in the first place seems to be now projected to replace Vicenza. While Inter, Rome and Milan await their turn. The criterion for assigning the category of professionals to the 'second' teams follows a precise order: the first place is assigned to the team B, the second to a team relegated by the C (able to register for the championship) and the third to a team rescued from the D Series. Then start again with the same order until places are sold out.

    This seems to have created bad moods of many clubs: Naples, Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Udinese and Atalanta claim more places available to register their 'second' team, through the payment of the registration of 1.2 million euros and with an estimated cost of the rose that is between 3 and 4 million. So the scenario that is expected could be a flop, with very few B teams participating in the next Series C.

    From a technical point of view, each team will consist of 23 players: 19 will be Under 22 and 4 over. In total, 16 must belong to Italian nurseries. The over will play in the first team as long as they do not exceed 5 appearances each. The B teams will rank and can win the promotion or relegate, but do not play in the same league of the main team."
    Forza AC Milan

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    Og her også en forklaring på hvordan man kommer til at integrere holdene til den nye Serie C struktur:

    "Through a note on its official website, the FIGC has formalized the entry into the next Serie C, of ​​the Second Teams. Here is the detail:

    "With the aim of enhancing the young players selectable for the National youths and contributing to the overall growth of our football movement, the Italian Football Federation Federation officializes the introduction of the Second Teams in Serie C from the 2018-2019 season, to then go fully fully operational by the following sports season. After a careful analysis of the European context of reference, from which it is clear that in the main European championships the maturation of a footballer happens faster thanks to its use in Second Teams, Italy too adopts a model of development that will start through the integration of Second Club teams of Serie A clubs in case of eventual vacation of 60 teams in Lega Pro.

    "It is a reform that Italian football felt the need to align and to try to fill the gap with other European football movements - says FIGC deputy commissioner Alessandro Costacurta - because it will allow many young players to mature and grow quality of our national championships and national teams, starting from Under 21 ".

    Admission to the championship
    In the case of a staff holiday in the C Series 2018/2019 Championship, the integration order will be as follows: a second Serie A team, a company relegated from the Serie C and a company that has played the Interregional Championship. With separate provision, separate lists will be published on the basis of the criteria that will be defined.

    Category steps
    The Second team may at the end of the Serie C Championship be promoted to the Serie B Championship, but will never be able to participate in the same Championship of the first team, or to a higher Championship. If at the end of the Championship of competence, there is a hypothesis of coexistence of the first and second team in the same category, the second team must participate in the professional league of the lower category. In case of relegation of the second team to the Serie D Championship, the reference company will not be able to register for the Amateur Championship and will be able to enter the Second Series Championship with the Second Team once the requests of the new Second Team have been met. The Second teams of Serie A clubs will not be able to take part in the Italian Serie A Cup, while they will participate in the Serie C Italian Cup.

    Soccer players in pink
    The Second teams will be able to include 23 players in the competition list, including 19 players born on 1 January 1996. At least 16 players entered in the race dossier must be registered in a football club affiliated to the FIGC for at least seven sports seasons. In compliance with the numerical and age limits identified above, the passages between the first and the second team will always be allowed, with the clarification that in the hypothesis in which a player reaches the 5 appearances in the championship played by the first team, it can not be used in the championship played by the second team "."
    Forza AC Milan

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    I forhold til at få et b-hold i Serie C, skal “der gøres plads”, ved klubber der går konkurs, eller ikke kan/vil opfylde kriterierne for Serie C.

    Bari er nu gået konkurs i Serie B, og spændende hvad det får af betydning! Muligt at der rykkes rundt, så vi ser b-hold i Serie C snart.

    Ligeledes skulle Cesena være i problemer.

    Men Serie B, vil også blot kunne fortsætte uden nogen rokeringer, og blot med færre nedrykningspladser.

    Alligevel vil der kunne gøres plads til B-hold i Serie C, da der de sidste 3 år har været 19 hold der ikke kunne opfylde kravene... så lad os håbe vi ser et Milan-B hold efter sommerferien!

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